Can You Hear Me Now: Microphones

One of a pastor's main duties is to speak…and be heard. Finding a microphone that's comfortable for your pastor is important. Though we use a few different kinds of mics—ranging from handheld to lapel to headset—our pastor, Craig Groeschel, usually uses the Sennheiser HSP 2 headset when teaching onstage.

Pastor Craig worked through several different brands and styles before landing on the DPA 4066, which he used for a few years. Then, at a speaking engagement at another church, he used the Sennheiser HSP 2. He liked the Sennheiser so much that we purchased one for Pastor Craig to try here at Life.Church.

After some experimenting, we found that the Sennheiser was better suited to Pastor Craig's voice. It naturally brings out some of the low-mids in his voice, making it sound fuller.

Learn more about the Sennheiser HSP 2

For a wireless system that works well with the Sennheiser, we use the Shure UHF-R (UR14D+) and a Shure UR1M bodypack transmitter.

Learn more about the Shure UR14D+

Open Idea
We've used many different microphones and will probably try others in the future, so we're not necessarily endorsing the products listed here. For now, the Sennheiser is working well for us. Find the equipment that works best for you and your staff. Lighting, microphones, and speakers are not one-size-fits-all. Do some research to find the tools that are perfectly suited to your church, style, and preferences.
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