Connecting Teams with Digital Signage

Here at Life.Church, we place a strong emphasis on having a vibrant, healthy culture. We don’t want our staff walking around in a fog—we want them equipped and informed. Effectively communicating culture isn’t easy in any organization, but it becomes especially difficult when your locations are sprawled across the map.

But because maintaining our culture is so critical, we’ve implemented several creative ideas to keep us all connected. One of them is Digital Signage, a visual communication channel that rotates staff information on the TVs at our central and campus offices. This is a valuable tool for us, so we wanted to share our philosophy behind it and the platform we use to make it happen.

The Why:

• To connect central and campus team members, both in the office and remote. (Remote staff can view our Digital Signage via webpage.)

• To reinforce the values, mission, and purpose of Life.Church.To inform staff of upcoming events, training, and other activities.

• To update staff on new building projects, initiatives, birthdays, and other news.

• To celebrate attendance, baptisms, and all God is doing through our campuses and Network Churches.

The How:

Signage Studio is the digital signage platform we use to push content to all our campuses.

Keynote is the presentation software we use to create our main rotating content. We then export it as a Quicktime movie file and upload to Signage Studio.

A Flickr feed is what we use for cycling photos that update staff on the latest campus construction projects.

The clock is an option within Signage Studio, and the title banner and Current Message Series graphics are JPEG images that we’ve uploaded.

What we've learned:

Everyone needs to feel connected to maintain organizational culture and team cohesion. Leveraging technology with Digital Signage is just one of the little things we do to reinforce our staff’s connection to each other and the mission of Life.Church.

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